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Sharing Common Ground Overview

Sharing Common Ground, the final report of the Review of Yukon’s Police Force, contains 33 recommendations which respond to concerns raised during the Review, and outline the foundation for establishing a new relationship between Yukon citizens and the RCMP.

In implementing the recommendations, the Department of Justice, the Yukon RCMP (“M” Division) and the Council of Yukon First Nations continue to work in partnership in the same manner as the Review of Yukon’s Police Force was conducted. In addition, the Northern Institute of Social Justice, Kwanlin Dun First Nation, a Coalition of Women’s Organizations and others are taking an active role in implementing the various recommendations.

A year after the final report was released, great progress has been made in towards implementing the Sharing Common Ground recommendations, including

  • The Yukon Police Council has been established and its members appointed. The Council provides the structure to ensure citizens can have a role in directing the policing services they receive.
  • A new Arrest Processing Unit that will replace RCMP detachment cells is under construction, attached to the new Whitehorse Correctional Center. It will provide a high standard of care for supervision of individuals who are detained.
  • The Government of Yukon has negotiated an Agreement with the Government of Alberta for independent investigations by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team or ASIRT, of serious incidents involving the RCMP in Yukon,
  • Several communities have participated in the selection of a new Detachment commander for their area, which is helping to improve communication between community leadership and the RCMP.
  • Work is underway to improve the coordination and consistency of response to domestic violence and sexualized assault.
  • A Specialized Response Unit has been established within the Yukon RCMP . This Unit will focus on responding to domestic violence and sexualized assault incidents.
  • A career orientation program for First Nation citizens and women interested in law enforcement has been developed by the Northern Insitute of Social Justice, the RCMP, the Council of Yukon First Nations and the Department of Justice.

Implementation of the Sharing Common Ground recommendations is ongoing. Check back to this site for updated implementation information.


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